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  A New Pain - 11.23.02

posted at 1:00pm
current mood: devoid
current tunes: The Smiths - Meat Is Murder

Today Strong Bad asked me to help him with his whistling, so I kept trying to explain to him how to do it, but he wasn't getting it. He finally just punched me on the side of my knee and said, "Whistle this." I don't know what that means. The punch didn't really hurt, so that was good. But then I told him that the punch didn't hurt. That was a mistake. Then he got Strong Mad to punch me on the side of my knee. That one hurt. A lot. I started to elevate my mind so I wouldn't be able to feel the pain, but I decided that feeling the pain was better than feeling nothing at all. I have given the pain in my knee a name. I call him, "Kreigh."

  A New Beginning of the End - 11.18.02

posted at 9:00am
current mood: slight
current tunes: Matthew Sweet - Altered Beast

When I woke up this morning, I thought to myself, "Today's gonna be my day, Strong Sad's day." I have since come to discover that today is Not Strong Sad's Day. Just like every other day. Though I suppose you could call it Strong Sad's Day To Have Toothpaste Smeared In His Eyes By His Brothers. Unforuntately, that day is also fast becoming synonymous with WEEKdays. I have a good feeling about tomorrow, though. I'm hoping that someone other than Homsar talks to me. Today he kept asking, "When can we start the Jeffersons?" That guy has a communication problem.

  The Beginning of the End - 11.17.02

posted at 10:18pm
current mood: less reticent
current tunes: Thursday - Concealer

So I've thought it over and I've decided to give the weblog another chance. Strong Bad's always stealing my journal anyway so I might as well make it public for all the world to ridicule. I'll try and keep it updated every week or so, depending on how heavy the weight of the world is at that particular time. I thought I'd begin with my crushed hope of the day: HAVE FRIENDS

posted at 10:15pm
current mood: reticent
current tunes: Thursday - Understanding in a Car Crash

Oh well, welcome to my weblog. You're probably going to hate it and write me horrible emails. In fact, nevermind. I give up. R.I.P. Strong Sad's Weblog 12:05-12:15