Don't delay your dream! Print n' Play today!

Can't wait for the full game to ship, eh? Or just want to peruse the instructions to see if you're still on board? Have a 3D printer and want to make an awesome shoebox diorama of Trogdor burninating Peasantry (if so please send pics!)? In any case, you are in the right spot.

These files will enable the crafty, maker-y Trogfan to print out their own version of the game. NOTE: While gameplay is consistent with the final version, this does NOT reflect the final art and assets of the game and is instead the prototype version that was tested throughout development.

Check out James Ernest's videos on how to print out your own cards and tiles:

Cards 3 ways:
Double Sided Tiles:

The Files:

Game Instructions (1.3mb)

Trogdeck (action deck) (2.9mb)

Movement deck (555kb)

Character and Item Cards (905kb)

Meeple art and Trog-meter (518kb)

Terrain Tiles (3.6mb)

Terrain tiles are double-sided because you flip them when Trogdor burninates the countryside. BUT, to save on paper, ink, and effort, you can just print out the pristine unburninated side and put a penny or something on them to show burnination.

3D Files (5mb)

Have a 3D printer? You can print out the prototype versions of the miniatures. If you like supports, there's a fully formed Trogdor. OR you can print out his parts individually and assemble him yourself (glue is required for eyes and wings. you may need to sand down the beefy arm peg to fit in its socket).

All text, art, and assets on this page and contained in these files are copyright 2020 All rights reserved.