My The Cheat Web Page!!!!!

Welcome to my The Cheat Homepage. I've been wanting to do my own website for a long time but I could never come up with anything awesome enough. Then I decided to devote an entire webpage to my The Cheat: The Cheat!

I'm pretty much the best at HTML but this page is still under construction.

Here's The Cheat after a bath. Awwwwww.

This guy rules. He's driving a convertible. I wish I had a convertible.

Oh no! The Cheat's got into the fridge again!
(I dunno what's in that hunk of foil. It's been in there since April.)

The Cheat spends like all day at this window. I think he likes watching the car accidents.

I thought this one was pretty clever. I put two of 'em on here.

This was hilarious. The Cheat got stuck in some tree. We finally got him down
by shooting him with Strong Mad's BB gun.

long haired freaky cheat

This is an old one of The Cheat back when he had long hair. What a freakin' hippie.

Sleepy Time The Cheat™ comes with everything you see here. The Cheat sold separately.

You're the th biggest moron, ever.